Better visibility with less energy

Almost 20% of the world's electricity is consumed by lighting. Lemnis Public Lighting has developed a worldwide pioneering concept for the illumination of public areas. With this concept we save up to 90% electricity consumption together with cost of maintenance and replacement.

Perfect vision

In our led based concepts we create light which perfectly matches the sensitivity of the human eye at low light levels (dawn and night). This way we provide perfect visibility while using less energy.


Our lighting systems offer a considerable contribution to sustainability, energy conservation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Wasteful public lighting is history once and for all.


Lemnis LED lighting is applied in residential neighbourhoods, alongside roads, in parks and in parking lots. Also in areas where light pollution must be limited to a minimum, such as in nature areas and the countryside, our lighting systems prove their added value.

Proven technology

At more than 700 sites our customers have improved visibility and save more than 10 million kWh every year and this amount is constantly growing.

We invite you to have a look at our revolutionary concept for lighting public spaces:

Our advantages

  1. Perfect vision: At low light levels our human eye is more sensitive to certain colors. By using those colors in our luminaires we provide better contrasts and perfect color recognition which results in perfect visibility.
  2. Energy saving: The combination of led technology and LPL's mesopic concept results in energy savings up to 90%
  3. Cost reduction: Besides energy saving we also save cost of replacements (bulbs) and maintenance. This results in a short return on investment and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  4. Durability: We use pure led chips without the use of phosphors. Besides that the operating temperature is low. Therefor we can assure high quality and a long operation time with almost no drop of light output

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